The hero’s journey begins, design, html and css

February 10, 2020

What is the best investment in life? You.

If you want to learn how to design with html and css then we could be a good fit. My background is design and gained experience of working in a software company.

Speed up version 16.6 MB size, watch part 1 on Youtube full version

What I developed over time is to provide interactive prototypes and forget Photoshop.

Designing in the browser is when you use a design system or framework, and build the concept as you go along. You will have some components and goals in mind too.

What I plan to do is release a new theme every week Monday on youtube, if you can teach something, then you can master it.

So I will be a bit rough, but we can both grow.

Why do I do this? To get out of my comfort zone and try to teach, though I don’t consider myself to be a top notch designer, hopefully my simple process can help you level up.

The goal is to make a simple minimal one-page website template and if you have never done HTML and CSS, I believe this is a good alternative way to learn them and design with a system.

If you are a developer, this could be a different way to learn design by using a framework such as tachyons and getting familiar with the systems to then make better design decisions.

If you are a designer, HTML and CSS is a good starting point and this is how I started but luckily I hard to learn on the job.

if you are a beginner, then I truly believe you can tackle design, HTML and CSS and it’s a good foundation so you can level up. But let’s start simple and just follow along, don’t worry too much about the technical and theory side as making something is a good way to learn.


Learn → Make → Inspire